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  • What are your prices?
    The price depends on the interior or event decoration formula< /strong> that you have chosen and the time spent on your project by the Maison Ditaba team. Example 1: you have chosen the Busanga formula (interior decoration): it is a remote accompaniment. You will be billed for the time spent on the phone, in video, but also for the time spent making the shopping list, the mood board, the 3D plan, etc...< /strong> by the Maison Ditaba team. Example 2: you have chosen the Olo formula (interior decoration): it is an accompaniment with one or more physical movements. You will thus be billed for the time spent on the phone, in video, the number of physical trips made, but also the time spent making the shopping list, the mood board, the 3D plan etc ... by the Maison Ditaba team, a family business of interior and event decoration.
  • How is the payment process?
    After having collected and analyzed the needs of your interior decoration and/or event project (wedding, birthday, baptism, baby-shower... ) on the phone, by video, with physical travel(s) if necessary, there are then 2 main steps: - the quote: it will be sent to you directly and only to the email address that you have communicated to us, from the site< a href="javascript:void(0)" target="_blank">, in order to maintain traceability. When you click on the see quote" button, present in the email, you will be directed to a page. On it, there are 3 buttons that allow you to print, download in PDF or accept the quote. If you click on the "accept" button, this acts as a signature with the mention "good and read for agreement. But Maison Ditaba can also ask you to return the signed quote to us with the mention "good and read for agreement", in order to reinforce traceability. - the invoice: once the estimate has been accepted, Maison Ditaba transforms it into an invoice. It will then be sent to you directly and only to the same email address where the quote was sent, still from the, in order to maintain traceability. When you click on the see invoice" button, present in the email, you will be directed to a page. On it, there are 3 buttons that allow you to print, download PDF or pay the bill. If you click the "pay bill button. You will then land on this page: By clicking on the link "click here to make a paypal or bank transfer, you are redirected to a PDF document, which will give you the respective contact details.< /p> Ps: - if the invoice needs to be paid in instalments, all you have to do is always use the email sent with the invoice to make the payments, and click on the same button ("pay the invoice"). - Maison Ditaba considers that the invoice has been fully paid, once all payments have been made. It is therefore possible that Maison Ditaba, reminds you, regularly, if the payment deadline arrives or has been exceeded. - once you have accepted the quote with the amount entered, it will not be possible to return to it. If you no longer want to be accompanied by Maison Ditaba, for your interior decoration and/or event project, according to the terms of payment indicated in the estimate, the total amount or the first deposit must be due.
  • What are the possible means of payment on the site?
    Maison Ditaba only accepts bank transfers. If you wish to use another means of payment (paypal, check, cash, etc.), this is possible, but only on request and depending on your interior decoration and/or event project. .
  • Why do the formulas take into account physical movements or not and the type of space?
    To create interior and event decoration formulas, Maison Ditaba based itself on 2 observations: - today's technologies (Internet, telephone, Videoconferencing, Mail, etc.) now make it possible to communicate with anyone, in the world entire. Thus, we wish to use these technological means, in order to give the possibility to anyone to be accompanied, in France and abroad (Interior and event interior decoration formulas). - in interior decoration, there may be the desire to be accompanied on a space that already exists, or to create a space that does not yet exist. Example 1: you want to change the decoration of your living room, it is a space that already exists (Olo formula). Example 2: you want to turn a guest bedroom into a children's playroom, it's a space that doesn't yet exist ( Dibua Formula). Example 3: you want to divide a space in two with a wall to create two bedrooms, these are two spaces that do not yet exist (< strong>Dibua Formula). Ps: there is only one event decoration formula ( Disanka Formula). Indeed, regardless of the type of event, physical movement will take place, because Maison Ditaba has its own decoration material. It is therefore important that the team is on site in order to install, uninstall the equipment and thus check on site that it has not been damaged. Finally, with some exceptions, events take place in spaces that already exist, as they have been rented especially for the occasion. We want to give you the opportunity to be accompanied, regardless of your interior design and/or event project.
  • How is the accompaniment carried out?
    Support is specific to each interior design and/or event project.However, there are 3 major main steps, which are then of course personalized for each decorating project:- 1st contact: telephone or video meeting to understand the need for your interior decoration and/or event project and determine what would be useful to you (mood board, shopping list, 3D plan, proposal of craftsmen...).- Management and follow-up of the decoration project: depending on the formula of interior or event decoration chosen, one or more physical trips will be made or not . In any case, there will be exchanges between you and us, from the beginning to the end of the decoration project. Indeed, it is a question of offering you spaces adapted to your tastes, your personality and which will have the Ditaba touch. Depending on the need, several graphic and technical elements will be carried out: mood boards, shopping lists, 3D plans, work monitoring... The goal is to allow you to better visualize the final decoration of your spaces and determine your budget, always.- Finalization of the project: depending on the chosen interior or event decoration formula, Maison Ditaba will then move to the various spaces to be decorated, in order to carry out any installation of the decoration, when the time comes. If it is a decoration project carried out remotely (Busanga formula ), we will also accompany you on the day of the installation of the decoration, but remotely, by video.
  • What types of   interior decoration and event projects have you already carried out?
    Find all the interior and event decoration projects carried out by Maison Ditaba onInstagram,Youtube, , Pinterest, the blog and its podcast version. Maison Ditaba is able to accompany you, except for the exception, in all your interior decoration and/or event projects, regardless of their size. Indeed, we can offer you a list of craftsmen or collaborate with those you have already chosen, or only offer you graphic elements (moodboard or "moodboard", shopping list, 3D plan). Finally, for the event decoration, the Maison Ditaba decorators have their own decoration material; there is thus the possibility of using it, partly or not, for all your events (wedding, birthday, baptism, baby-shower, gender reveal, bar-mistvah ...).
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